Recipe Cards & Holders

MFMA members get exclusive access to our range of seafood recipe cards.

Recipe cards are sold in packets of 100 cards for $3.45 per packet. Our current range includes the following recipe cards:



Chilli Salt PrawnsOctopus & Chorizo SaladThai Squid SaladScallops with Spaghetti, Chives and CapersFish with Mango SalsaSteamed Fish with Ginger, Chilli & ShallotsThai Fish CakesSpaghetti alle VongoleSeared Scallop Salad with Lime DressingGreek Style Octopus Grilled Split Garlic PrawnsCrispy Skin Aust Barra         

Recipe Card Holders:

  • 4 compartment (tiered) $20.00 ea
  • 4 compartment (side by side) $24.50 ea