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The Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Live Seafood was developed with the assistance of a Steering and Advisory Committee made up of key stakeholders including representatives from NSW Agriculture (Animal Welfare Unit), NSW Food Authority, RSPCA Australia as well as suppliers of live seafood holding systems, and seafood retailers and wholesalers. The aim of the Code of Conduct is to ensure that live seafood animals are not subject to undue stress or discomfort during transport, handling, storage and display, while maximising the quality of live seafood through good handling practices. The Code of Conduct is applicable to all businesses that transport, store, display and sell live seafood in NSW, including transporters, retailers, wholesalers and restaurants. The Code is not intended to apply to fishing or aquaculture operations although sections of the Code may be relevant. By meeting the requirements set out in the Code of Conduct businesses will be able to demonstrate their commitment to not only quality but also the humane treatment of animals. Adherence to the Code of Conduct may also provide businesses with a defense against claims (from the public) of inappropriate practices.

Download full Code for Live Seafood HERE.